Friday, July 31, 2015

Chicago Weekend, a poem by Jennifer Lemming

Chicago Weekend
by Jennifer Lemming

jazz and blues
            and funky, funky news. 

Cabrini Green’s ghost  and low down tickets,
            notes to tell your lover,
            written in another language,

so no one can read it but you, and one day
            even you will forget the words
            but still taste the meaning.

Bio: Jennifer Lemming grew up in Elkhart, Ind., and lived in Indianapolis for 15 years before recently moving to Bismarck, N.D.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lake Lure, a poem by Jo Barbara Taylor

Lake Lure
by Jo Barbara Taylor 

Sunrise greets the sleeping tarn, quiet
in the lap of mountain mist. Mourning doves
hold their sighs, and antelope tiptoe
across tawny meadow, smooth
like thatch, muffled with dew.
As the play of dawn stirs passion
in those depths, water will lick the banks
like a cow washing her calf to life. 

When the calf bawls it first maaw,
(and so it is, you know, the stir within each of us)
the antelope thunder over the land,
doves croon their distant lament,
(draw us into day)
and ripples begin to skim the surface
of the mountain mere.

Bio: Jo Barbara Taylor lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, grew up in Indiana, and remains an Indiana farm girl at heart. Her poems and academic writing have appeared in journals, including Tipton Poetry Journal and Inwood Indiana, magazines, and anthologies. She leads poetry workshops for the North Carolina Poetry Society and OLLI through Duke Continuing Education. She has published four chapbooks, the most recent, High Ground by Main Street Rag, 2013

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

in lieu of air conditioning, a poem by Bet Lewis

In lieu of air conditioning
by Bet Lewis

Mom snaps
the shirt off and
over my head
giving my arms no choice
but to acquiesce.

She holds my T-shirt
under the tap. I press
my bare, flat chest against the cool
porcelain of the pedestal sink
to watch the fabric absorb and darken.

She wrings it out
and up-nods her head—
her subtle command for me to
raise arms
into the dark cool shirt.

She sends me to bed,
a drop of water sliding
down my leg.

Bio: Bet Lewis uses writing, photography, and digital collage to explore and understand how various ego-states develop and effect the self. She holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and resides in Indianapolis with her partner, daughter, and two worthless cats.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hello, America, I'm Here, a song lyric by Luke Austin Daugherty

Hello America, I’m Here
by Luke Austin Daugherty

Verse 1: Well, I salute you Lady of the Bay— What more could I say— The first generation on a free man’s soil— How could I ask for more

Chorus: Does a cup of coffee taste better over here— And is music that much sweeter to the ear— Oh, and you get more days in a year— Well hello, America, I’m here

V2: And I ain’t speakin’ the language so good— I’m just a choppin’ it up, like I’m choppin’ wood— But if you listen to my heart, you’ll get what I mean— I’m just livin’ the American dream

Bridge: All the colors here— They’re like a painting so fine— And the taste of a vintage wine

V3: My wife and baby son are still overseas —I hope to have him here by the time that he turns three— Until then, I’ll be working in high gear— Hey, hey, hello… America, I’m here.

Play chorus 2x

To hear
Luke Austin Daugherty sing this sing, click here: