Monday, May 2, 2016

Used, a poem by Jared Carter

May 2 is Independent Bookstore Day.

by Jared Carter

Abandoned, on rough wooden shelves –
          dusty, crowded –
Volumes bereft, beside themselves,
          almost shrouded.

Here the gaunt castaways on view,
          their faces blurred,
Their jackets torn, their binding glue
          half cracked, their words

A mumble now. The old Playboys
          are finger-worn;
The back room, with its special toys,
          still offers porn.

Bio: Jared Carter’s most recent book of poems is Darkened Rooms of Summer: New and Selected Poems (University of Nebraska Press). He lives in Indiana.


George Fish said...

Abandoned indeed, neglected & scorned as so very, very unfashionable by all those really, really aware hipsters who want only the finest in lattes & exotic food on only the most tony of coffee shops & bistros; & should they ever deign to buy a book, they would go to an established commercial chain such as Barnes & Noble, or Half-Price Books.

George Fish said...

Typo alert!!! "On" between "food" & "only should be "from."

George Fish said...

Nice job, Jared...

I leave you w/ this complementary note from one of my favorite poets, songwriter Bob Dylan, which I think so apt: "I'm a poet/I know it/Hope I don't blow it."